ewmiwa: jsyk-- sometimes i look through your /tagged/me and i'm just like "yup. i love her" because I DO omg i miss u

You beautiful earthling putting stars in my eyes but hold tight because I’m coming to the grosse pomme this summer 

"In a world that, above all else, values the useful, right? A world that says we must always work harder, that we must always get better grades, we must always make more money; that word, the world we have, that measures and counts everything, art’s most important virtue may be that it is useless. Art is not a necessity, it is not water. It is wine. I need water, but I really like wine. And I don’t want to live in a world that only does what’s necessary. Because such a world seems less than human to me."
Nick Mount

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"I listen more than I look, mostly and ideally for voices that treat words as if they were invented yesterday. I like to laugh and I don’t mind crying. If you can get me to do both at the same time, then I’m your fan."
Prof. Nick Mount

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Life in Pictures: Jemima Kirke

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